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La Olmilla is a traditional underground winery, where we offer you a unique experience.

If you are planning to visit Peñafiel, don’t miss this wine tourism activity that will show you the most genuine aspects of this region, rich in customs, generous in local products and a lover of small pleasures. All this is what we want to share with you together with an artistic performance that we will be varying in order not to stop surprising you.

To enjoy all the senses and discover that wine, more than a drink extracted from grapes by fermentation, is a cultural heritage, passed down from generation to generation, which connects us with something ancestral.

Dug out by our ancestors under the castle of Peñafiel, it was used until a few decades ago for the preservation and sale of wine.

Sustainability is part of our DNA, always present. Respect for the environment, support for local communities and society as a whole is our raison d’être. In addition to the wine and the products of the Peñafiel region, here you will be able to be moved by the artists of our land who will surprise you with… a song? A poem? A dance… you will have to visit us to find out because all this and much more is on display at La Olmilla, where art and wine, heart and palate, vibrate in a single heartbeat.

All this with the safety and hygiene measures that we guarantee in our protocols.