Reinventing oneself and living a new beginning without forgetting the past

It has been two years since my adventure began. Many of you will know from your own experience that changes are never easy, but they are necessary to adapt to new times. I can also tell you that now, with hindsight, I have no regrets. Quite the contrary. I feel like a teenager with a new mobile phone. Gone are the doubts and fears. You can understand how strange it was at first to open up to visitors, accustomed to the intimacy of small family gatherings. And yet, how enriching it has been to share my space and fill it with new experiences.

Yes, I have to thank all of you who have filled my insides with laughter, curious glances and surprised gestures. To all of you, to those of you who come from abroad and discover for the first time what my belly holds, and to my fellow countrymen, who do not hesitate to share their memories full of anecdotes and jokes.

Reinventarse y vivir un nuevo comienzo sin olvidar el pasado

I have attended with you theatrical performances, music concerts and shows of a great variety of artists, but what never ceases to move me are those curious glances, those gestures of pleasure when tasting a good wine with local products, those hands rubbing my walls carved into the rock centuries ago or your comments when you feel that aroma that surrounds me, a mixture of fermented grapes and old earth.

I still keep the old times inside me, which are part of my charm and personality, but I also live each new day with passion, because each visit is an unexpected gift. Therefore, I have come to a conclusion, it is your presence that fills me with life.

So don’t forget, I am La Olmilla and I am waiting for you here, under the castle of Peñafiel, which is the ship that sails these landscapes. Together we will set course to unknown emotions, sailing through the senses.

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