For days I have been reflecting on the extraordinary beauty of the traditional architecture that surrounds us. This exercise of contemplation has transported me mentally to a congress I attended last year in Aranda de Duero: I Congress of the Architecture of Wine. In this event all the presentations were fascinating, but I would like to highlight especially the presentation by Alfredo Sanz Sanza, a passionate of traditional and popular architecture, as well as being an architect.
I clearly remember the moment when Alfredo was the first to enter La Olmilla, when everything was still a dream. His contagious enthusiasm for these unique places resonated deeply with me: “A Cubillo saves a bodega”, what a revealing phrase.

Since I can’t stop sharing everything I lived and learned at this congress, I leave you the link so that you can enjoy what I did back then as much as I do now when I relive it.

I National Congress of Architecture and Wine Culture 2022 – Part 1 – YouTube

For those who are curious by nature I invite you to explore Alfredo Sanz Sanza’s website. His works leave no one indifferent, and I am sure you will find in them a unique source of inspiration.

I hope you enjoy as much as I did immersing myself in architecture and wine culture, through the passionate perspective of an expert like Alfredo Sanz Sanza.


Architecture and wine culture – Alfredo Sanz Sanza, Arquitecto.

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