A perfect weekend in Peñafiel

Peñafiel, with its emblematic castle as a backdrop to the landscape, is a place that reminds us of the grandeur of history and the beauty of nature. The vineyards stretch along the hills, offering an impressive visual spectacle that invites you to walk through it.

This town stands out for its wine tourism, so the first obligatory stop during your visit should be a tour of its magnificent wineries, among which La Olmilla stands out. In our winery we offer 3 visit options to those who are interested in touring our traditional underground winery, from visits without a show, in which you can learn about the history of the town and learn the secrets of the wine world; to dramatised visits in which you will tour the winery district and taste our best wine.

After this incredible experience you can’t miss a visit to the Castle of Peñafiel, a medieval fortress from which you can observe the views of Peñafiel. It also houses the Wine Museum of the Designation of Origin of Ribera del Duero, where you can learn even more about the wine sector.

Delve into the old quarter of Peñafiel, which preserves a great medieval architectural heritage, with cobbled streets, picturesque squares and historic buildings that transport visitors back in time. Highlights include the Church of San Miguel, the Plaza del Coso, the Church of Santa María and the Gate of San Miguel, among others.


If you are a lover of traditional Castilian gastronomy this is the place for you, as within the old town you will find several restaurants offering typical dishes of our Castilian gastronomy such as roast suckling lamb, suckling pig and sausages.

Surrounded by landscapes of vineyards and rolling hills, Peñafiel offers a stunning natural environment to explore. Visitors can enjoy walks through the vineyards, hike in the surrounding countryside or simply relax and enjoy the panoramic views.

Throughout the year, Peñafiel hosts a variety of festivals and events celebrating local traditions, from medieval fairs to religious festivals. Highlights include Easter Week, the Grape Harvest Festival and the San Miguel Fair, among other events.

Don’t hesitate to book your trip on one of these dates if you want to immerse yourself in the history and customs of our land. If you are looking for a true wine experience, book your visit to the Olmilla winery.

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