Cueva de Las Pinzas vista desde el exterior

Venture into the Cueva de Las Pinzas

Because not everything in Ribera del Duero is about wineries and wine, there are many special places to discover. If you like adventure and going off the beaten track, a special place for us is undoubtedly Las Pinzas.

Las Pinzas, a treasure very close to the winery La Olmilla, between Roturas, Pesquera de Duero and Curiel de Duero, which combines adventure with the historical richness of the place and free access.
It offers panoramic views of the Duero Valley that will transport you to the essence of the Castilian plateau. Las Pinzas is a unique geological formation in the region, shaped by millions of years of erosion. It is also home to an archaeological legacy and mysterious legends.

Cueva de Las Pinzas

How to get to Las Pinzas?

Explore the caves with numerous ceramic stones and hollows that reveal ancestral secrets, testimonies of past civilisations such as the Vacceans who once inhabited nearby Pintia. To reach this fascinating place follow the signposted path from the hermitage of the Virgen de La Zarzuela in Valdearcos. This 8-kilometre route with a gradient of 110 metres will immerse you in a diverse landscape of vineyards, orchards, holm oak groves and pine forests, crossing traditional rural elements such as fountains and huts, and even reaching the impressive fountain of San Bartolomé, which springs directly from the limestone rock.

The last part of the trail will take you to the spectacular Las Pinzas moor, a limestone outcrop surrounded by cliffs that offer breathtaking views of the Duero valley, the Cuco Valley, Peñafiel, Pesquera and other riverside villages. From here, below your feet, you will find the caves that served as hermitages, home to hermits and guardians of ancestral secrets, you can observe the caves that bear witness to a millenary past where ancient civilisations left their mark.
But Las Pinzas is not only a place of adventure and historical discovery, it is also a paradise for photography lovers and a perfect viewpoint to enjoy nature at its best.

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