Exploring Pintia: living archaeology in the birthplace of Ribera del Duero wine

We continue discovering places to visit near La Olmilla, in this case we want to bring you closer to Pintia, an adventure not to be missed.

Did you know that the wine tradition dates back 3,000 years in the Ribera del Duero, home of the Vacceos? This ancient pre-Roman tribe left its mark in Pintia, a city that stands as a witness to the rich history of the region.


Yacimiento arqueológico de Pintia – Pintia Archaeological Site – Centro de Estudios Vacceos Federico Wattenberg (pintiavaccea.es).

Territorio Vacceo

Travel back in time: Explore Pintia, a Vaccean city

Immerse yourself in the magic of Pintia, located between Padilla de Duero/Peñafiel and Pesquera de Duero. The Pintia Archaeological Zone, with its vast cultural heritage, transports you through key periods: Vacceo, Roman and Visigothic. Discover the pre-Roman period between the 4th century BC and the change of era, Pintia’s most outstanding moment.

The Pintia Archaeological Zone, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest on 9 December 1993, covers approximately 125 hectares and is home to a rich heritage that reflects an extensive and turbulent history of more than a thousand years. This history spans three great cultural periods: Vacceo, Roman and Visigothic. However, it is the pre-Roman period, which took place between the 4th century BC and the change of era, that is the most outstanding in its history.

Archaeology in action:

Although the visibility of the archaeological remains is still rather limited, several landscape rehabilitation projects and excavations have been initiated in recent years that facilitate the understanding of the whole.

The terrain of ancient Pintia is unique in that the surrounding area has been designated as an archaeological zone, which requires special measures to protect the valuable Roman and Vaccean remains just below the surface.

Farmers are allowed to work their land, but on condition that they do not dig deeper than 35 centimetres. This restriction prevents the planting of vineyards, whose roots could extend more than a metre deep and damage the ancient structures hidden less than half a metre below ground. Unfortunately, on 11 January, news broke that two bulldozers destroyed 235 linear metres of the site of the Vaccean city of Pintia, destroying an area of great cultural and archaeological value. An area significant for being the place where the well-known “Third Treasure” was discovered years ago.


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