Allow me to introduce myself: I am called La Olmilla and I am a native of Peñafiel.

I was born and bred by my fellow countrymen at the foot of the emblematic castle. That’s more than 100 years ago. I was born of illusion and effort and I was educated to last for many years, giving the best of myself, harbouring in my womb ancestral customs and amusing anecdotes that have forged my personality. Those who know me do not forget me, but I am so well integrated in the structure of the village that I go unnoticed, although if you look for me, you will find me, as I am in front of the Clock Tower, the oldest building in the village.

I have sheltered entire families in my bosom, when the brothers toasted to stay united and when they fought among themselves because of that absurd war. I have matured between barbecues, arguments, clandestine kisses, laughter and family secrets. I have raised wine to sell to my countrymen who came to me, burdened with worries or tired from work and left light, a little happier and sometimes, zigzagging on the way back and even confusing the lyrics of the songs.

In recent times I have offered a jug to the thirsty and gladdened the hearts of my guests at picnics and popular festivals, although I have also witnessed some quarrels when the effluvia of the broths that I treasure in my bosom overcame the reason that reigns over the land that shelters me.

I am a guardian of the passing of time and a witness to the confidences and oaths of a magical and hidden Peñafiel. Today I have dusted off a little of the soil and the walls of my land to open my heart and my doors to whoever wants to visit me and spend a moment of leisure soaking up the past, present and future.

While I continue to live in this land of good wine, I will tell you stories of this town, describing the special corners, some emblematic, many others hidden. From its enigmatic castle, which houses the provincial wine museum, to the banks of its rivers. Curiosities of everything that surrounds me: the fields of vineyards and cereal crops or that sea of pine trees that extends its green mantle as far as the eye can see. Its gastronomy, cultural heritage, its history with legends and stories of the past, which will make you part of a present in which the illusion for this new project tries to write one more chapter of my history… and now of yours.


Remember it: They call me La Olmilla and I am natural, like life itself.

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